Intermodal In Depth Newsletter

Intermodal In Depth is a monthly analytical newsletter that summarizes the latest trends in the North American intermodal sector. Drawing from a variety of data sources, Intermodal In Depth provides a timely and detailed look at the key drivers of intermodal. More than just data, Intermodal In Depth goes deep to analyze what the data means, providing the reader with a thorough understanding of the current State of Intermodal.

Each month's issue contains:

  • The previous month's North American intermodal performance, with key statistics by sector (International and Domestic), and Equipment Type (Container vs. Trailer, Private vs. rail-owned)
  • Seasonally adjusted and Working Day adjusted data presenting the true underlying strength of the market
  • The latest trends on intermodal rates and service
  • Detailed information on North American intermodal traffic trends:
    • Internal intermodal markets for each NAFTA nation
    • Key cross-border flows
    • Top ten flows between regions
  • Seasonality analysis provides both current and long-term trendsĀ 
  • Port reports provide detailed summaries of key North American port regions:
    • Inbound and outbound loaded container flows
    • Seasonally adjusted inbound trends
    • Inbound market share by region
  • Intermodal market share analysis
  • Intermodal length of haul trends
  • Detailed intermodal loadings forecast by sector
  • Monthly Spotlight section provides a "deep dive" on an intermodal topic of interest

Your subscription also includes Flash Updates covering the latest AAR weekly data, issued each week.

All for only $995.00 per year.